Horticulture & Modern Agriculture Manager/Engineer (EGYPTIAN)

1.00 to 10.00 Years   Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates   22 Sep, 2021
Job LocationAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
EducationBachelor's degree / higher diploma
SalaryNot Mentioned
IndustryAgriculture & Crop Production; Plants & Gardening Equipment
Functional AreaNot Mentioned

Job Description

Directly supervise and coordinate activities of horticultural workers, perform both supervisory and management functions and may also engage in the same horticultural work.1) Assigns workers to duties, such as cultivation, harvesting, maintenance, grading and packing products, or altering greenhouse environmental conditions.2) Estimates work-hour requirements to plant, cultivate, or harvest, and prepares work schedule.3) Confers with management to report conditions, plan planting and harvesting schedules, and to discuss changes in fertilizer, herbicides, or cultivating techniques.4) Drives and operates heavy machinery, such as dump truck, tractor, or growth-media tiller, to transport materials and supplies.5) Maintains records of employees hours worked, and work completed.6) Prepares and submits written or oral reports of personnel actions, such as performance evaluations, hires, promotions, and discipline.7) Trains employees in horticultural techniques, such as transplanting and weeding, shearing and harvesting trees, and grading and packing flowers.8) Inspects facilities to determine maintenance needs, such as malfunctioning environmental-control system, clogged sprinklers, or missing glass panes in greenhouse.9) Observes plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees in greenhouses, cold frames, or fields to ascertain condition.10) Reads inventory records, customer orders, and shipping schedules to ascertain days activities.11) Reviews employees work to ascertain quality and quantity of work performed.Job Activities:1) Identifying Objects, Actions, and Events -- Identifying information by categorizing, estimating, recognizing differences or similarities, and detecting changes in circumstances or events.2) Getting Information -- Observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information from all relevant sources.3) Making Decisions and Solving Problems -- Analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems.4) Inspecting Equipment, Structures, or Material -- Inspecting equipment, structures, or materials to identify the cause of errors or other problems or defects.5) Estimating the Quantifiable Characteristics of Products, Events, or Information -- Estimating sizes, distances, and quantities; or determining time, costs, resources, or materials needed to perform a work activity.6) Monitor Processes, Materials, or Surroundings -- Monitoring and reviewing information from materials, events, or the environment, to detect or assess problems.7) Coordinating the Work and Activities of Others -- Getting members of a group to work together to accomplish tasks.8) Guiding, Directing, and Motivating Subordinates -- Providing guidance and direction to subordinates, including setting performance standards and monitoring performance.9) Judging the Qualities of Things, Services, or People -- Assessing the value, importance, or quality of things or people.10) Analyzing Data or Information -- Identifying the underlying principles, reasons, or facts of information by breaking down information or data into separate parts.11) Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates -- Providing information to supervisors, co-workers, and subordinates by telephone, in written form, e-mail, or in person.12) Scheduling Work and Activities -- Scheduling events, programs, and activities, as well as the work of others.13) Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work -- Developing specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize, and accomplish your work.14) Performing General Physical Activities -- Performing physical activities that require considerable use of your arms and legs and moving your whole body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials.15) Handling and Moving Objects -- Using hands and arms in handling, installing, positioning, and moving materials, and manipulating things.16) Documenting/Recording Information -- Entering, transcribing, recording, storing, or maintaining information in written or electronic/magnetic form.17) Updating and Using Relevant Knowledge -- Keeping up-to-date technically and applying new knowledge.

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